Get The Most Out Of Your Tax Return In Portland, Oregon

At Lockbox Tax Service, we focus on maximizing your options and minimizing the stress that typically comes with complex tax matters. We serve individuals and businesses in the Portland, Oregon, area. Contact our firm to take full advantage of all available deductions and to protect yourself or your business in the event of an IRS audit. Our skilled tax attorney knows how to protect your assets, maximize your refund and provide you with peace of mind.

Starting A New Business?

When forming a new business, it is wise to have a tax adviser in your corner. We can help you determine which type of business will provide you with the most flexibility, tax advantages and efficiency in terms of record keeping. Knowing this information before registering with the state will help to optimize your tax returns during the early years of your business. Our firm is led by Christopher Kirk, a lawyer who is very familiar with business and tax laws. He can help you with your registration paperwork as well as audit negotiations should the IRS come calling.

Involved In A Tax Dispute?

If the IRS believes you owe the government money, you need advice and guidance from a skilled tax attorney. We are ready to step in and deal with the IRS on your behalf, level the playing field and help you avoid serious penalties.

Contact Us To Protect Your Assets

At Lockbox Tax Service, we welcome clients with complex income or challenging legal situations. You've worked diligently for your assets, so it's critical that we protect them from excessive taxes and potential audit nightmares. Call our office in Portland, Oregon, at 510-992-6896 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation.