Tax Disputes And IRS Audits

Whether you are at the initial stages of an IRS audit or you wish to appeal the result of an audit, you need a strong tax attorney. At Lockbox Tax Service, we have what it takes to be successful in these complex tax matters: knowledge of the law, patience and good communication. Attorney Christopher Kirk possesses all of these attributes and more. He is admitted to practice in California state and federal tax court, and offers more than 10 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in challenging tax controversies.

IRS Audit Defense

Even people who are completely confident in their tax filings may become concerned and stressed when they are the subject of an IRS audit. With Christopher Kirk as your advocate, you can return to confidence and know you are doing everything possible to protect your assets. As your lawyer, Mr. Kirk will be your point-of-contact with the IRS, defending your tax return filing and negotiating on your behalf at every step. His representation begins at the start of the audit phase when the IRS begins asking you for information.couple

Tax Court Litigation And Defense

Should IRS negotiations lead to the need for an appeal in tax court, we will represent you. Tax court proceedings are initiated by the tax payer. We can help you make this choice and let you know what to expect as we move through the process.

If you are dealing with a tax controversy or collections matter, including those involving asset seizure, property liens and levies, and wage garnishment, contact us for assistance. We will attempt to negotiate a settlement for your tax debt and pursue a reasonable payment plan. We may be able to obtain an offer in compromise, which would allow you to settle for less than the full amount you owe.

To discuss your situation and learn about your legal options, contact Lockbox Tax Service in Berkeley today at 510-992-6896. We will assess your case and give you honest advice aimed at the best possible resolution.