Skilled Tax Preparation For Individuals And Businesses

Many of our clients need assistance with both their personal and small-business tax returns. And many have tried to handle their taxes on their own in the past or used a run-of-the-mill tax preparer. Others have been turned away from generic tax preparation services due to the complexity of their needs. Due to our many years of experience and strongtaxes knowledge of business and tax laws, we welcome complexity and are uniquely qualified to help you. Contact our office in Berkeley today to get started on your tax return.

Complex Income Situation?

Our team applies a wealth of academic and real-world experience to assist individuals in all types of income situations, including:

  • U.S. citizens living abroad or with foreign income
  • Foreign individuals working in the U.S.
  • People with income from multiple states or countries
  • Couples going through divorce or legal separation
  • People with rental income
  • People doing like-kind property exchanges
  • Military personnel
  • Same-sex couples in registered domestic partnerships (RDPs)
  • Small-business owners, including nonprofits
  • Those who wish to maintain trusts and estates

We are deeply familiar with legal decisions that may impact how your tax return should be filed. Our tax adviser and lawyer will work closely with you to determine the best way to minimize your taxes and reduce your risk of being audited.

Filing Taxes Separately

For spouses who file separately, each spouse has to report half of their income and half of their partner's income on the return. While most married couples typically benefit from filing jointly, it may be to your advantage to file separately. We will assess your unique situation, and advise you on the method of filing that will benefit you most.

Filing Taxes In A Registered Domestic Partnership (RDP)

Prior to the Supreme Court decisions mandating federal recognition of same-sex marriages in 2013 and extending to all 50 states the right of same-sex couples to marry in 2015, several states adopted the registered domestic partnership (RDP) as a form of legal recognition of same-sex relationships. After these Supreme Court decisions, some states (such as Washington) enacted provisions that automatically converted same-sex RDPs into marriages, while other states (such as California) did not. If you are in a registered domestic partnership that was not converted, and you have not gotten married, you may not file as married at the federal level, but may be required to file as married/RDP at the state level. We are familiar with the complex income reporting requirements that apply to your situation and can manage your tax return efficiently and effectively.

Tax Services For U.S. Individuals Abroad And Foreign Residents

Our tax attorney, Christopher Kirk, has significant experience completing tax returns for U.S. citizens living abroad as well as foreign individuals who are living in the U.S. If you are an American working abroad, there are different deadlines for filing. Contact us to learn more about the foreign-earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits that may be available to you.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Upon scheduling your first appointment with Lockbox Tax Service, we will provide you with a list of documents to gather. When we have what we need, we can immediately start preparing your return. When we meet, we will go through paperwork in detail, ensuring that you understand your filing and answering any questions you might have.

Call us in Portland, Oregon, at 510-992-6896 or complete our online form to take the first step toward minimizing your taxes, maximizing your options and reducing your risk of an IRS audit.