"Christopher is the example of going above and beyond. When I felt at a loss, he guided me through particularly difficult processes and helped me maximize my returns in the current year's filings, as well as the previous year's amendments. His work is flawless and the diligence which he dedicates to his efforts make him the one I would unquestionably entrust my taxes with. Receiving his assistance in my IRS and State tax filing matters has been nothing short of a blessing and true stress saver. There is no other I would wish to take my business to."

- Gypsy L., Kent, Washington

"Recently, I found myself in the anxiety-filled place of having to amend four year's worth of complex tax returns. Managing the ins and outs of tax code is not in my wheelhouse, to say the least, so I knew I had to bring in a professional. Christopher responded quickly and started in right away. By the end of that same day, I knew exactly what to expect with the re-files. What a relief! He's friendly, non-judgmental, and I was impressed with vast tax-related knowledge. I'm so glad I contacted him. Thank you, Christopher. You have earned my business."

- Rusty B., Alameda, California

"I needed to find a solution to a large back payment due to the IRS. After one conversation with Christopher, he offered a solution that I didn't know about called an Offer in Compromise. He felt that I met the appropriate criteria for the IRS to consider my petition, and we began processing the paperwork immediately. He was kind, non-judgmental, clear in communication, and very knowledgeable. He was consistent with follow through, and notified me immediately of any updates. Without Christopher's assistance, warmth and unique support throughout this private and uncomfortable situation, I would still be paying down over $10,000 in debt. Instead, I paid $100, and now I owe nothing. Ten years of payments, and now I'm free. Christopher is beyond excellent, he's vital."

- Karen N., Richmond, California

"Lockbox, and Christopher in particular, has been a dream to work with. Always proactive, every document for my business and personal tax responsibilities is filed on or ahead-of time, with the most efficient exchange of information possible. That type of efficiency *might* be possible at other firms, but it doesn't come with the calm, personal touch Lockbox brings. Christopher is the type of tax professional who notices high medical bills on your filing and asks if everything is ok; he calls when he says he will and never misses a thing. I'm convinced there's no better experience out there and I plan to be a long-term client of Lockbox."

- Heather L., Austin, Texas

"Christopher stepped in to help solve a tax situation when my own resources and persistence were no longer enough. He was able to navigate flawlessly through the IRS via channels he has mapped over years of experience. Within days he handled an issue that had been distressing me for months. Calling on Christopher for my advanced tax needs is now something I will do on day 1 and save myself the stress!"

- Angela S., Oakland, California

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